Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Add Adblock To Google Chrome – A researcher found five malicious ad blocker extensions on the Chrome Web Store that were installed by 20 million Chrome users before Google removed them.

The fake ad blockers were discovered by researchers at AdGuard, a Moscow-based maker of ad blocking and anti-tracking technology.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Following AdGuard’s report on fake ad blockers in the Chrome Web Store, Google removed questionable extensions that had been installed on 20 million Chrome instances over the past year.

Best Ad Blockers For Google Chrome 2023 Free & Paid

The most popular fake ad blocker was AdRemover for Google Chrome, which had more than 10 million users, so a large botnet of infected browsers was at the disposal of its authors.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

“Basically, this is a botnet consisting of browsers infected with fake adblock extensions. The browser will do what the owner of the command center server tells it to do,” wrote AdGuard co-founder Andrey Meshkov.

Cloning legitimate ad blockers, adding malicious features and distributing them in the Chrome Store has become a popular tactic for cybercriminals. Last year, security staff SwiftOnSecurity discovered a fake AdBlock Plus Chrome extension that tricked 37,000 users into installing it.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

How To Disable (and Enable) Chrome’s Default Ad Blocker?

Meshkoff says the main problem is that extensions are poorly checked by the Chrome Web Store. Authors of fake extensions also use the word spamming in the extension description to get the best ranking for “adblocker” searches in the Chrome Web Store.

“Instead of using malicious names, they now spam keywords in the extension description to try to get the best search results,” Meshkoff wrote.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

There were two more fake adblockers – removed with legitimate adblocking codes: the fake UBlock Plus with eight million users and the fake AdBlock Pro with two million users. Two other cloned extensions that used similar strategies were HD for YouTube with 400,000 users and Webutation with 30,000 users.

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A Reddit user spotted the same clone of the Ublock Plus extension that Meshkov found in October, meaning they’ve been available on the Chrome Web Store for at least six months. This fact, together with the best rating of an ad blocker application, explains how the extension has attracted many users.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Meshkov discovered that the fake ad remover for Google Chrome contained hidden scripts that allowed the authors to track visited websites and change the browser’s behavior.

“They can actually change anything on any website if they receive such a command from the command server,” Mischko said in an email.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

M People Scammed By Chrome Fake Ad Blockers: The Same Old Song

“Also, all five connected to the same command server and they used the same method – the remote script was hidden inside the image.”

The good news is that since Google removed extensions from the Chrome Web Store, extensions are prevented from being installed on Chrome instances.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

“Google Chrome can disable and remove extensions remotely, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening,” Mishkov wrote.

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Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Website advertisements are basically the main source of income for web browsers. But sometimes, seeing too many ads on a web page ruins the overall website experience, especially with pop-up ads or click-through ads, where you click on a line and that ad pops up in another window. opens

Fortunately, Google has built an ad blocker right into the browser that helps users block ads from specific websites. Although the built-in ad blocker is not as effective as some ad blocker plugins, it can block video ads, malicious ads with malware, scammers and cryptocurrency miners, and prevent advertisers from accessing your personal data.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

How To Add Extensions In Google Chrome

So, if you don’t want to download any random ad blocker to your Chrome browsers, here is how you can enable or disable the built-in Chrome ad blocker.

Step 1. Open any website for which you want to block ads 2. Then tap on the lock icon next to the URL bar and select the “Site Settings” option 3. On the Site Settings page, scroll down to, “ See Advertisements. ” Option 4. Now, click on the box next to it and select the ‘Block’ option to filter ads from this website. 5. Reload the website now and you will see less ads in the future.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Note that sometimes the browser sets the block option by default, in which case you can either leave the option as it is or simply select the block option from the drop-down menu.

Ad Blocker: How To Enable Built In Ad Blocker In Google Chrome

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G 17,999Critic Rating 3.5 OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G 19,999Critic Rating 3.5 Realme Narzo 50 5G 15,999Google has removed two extensions from the Chrome Web Store today. The two extensions were fully functional ad blockers, but they tried to trick users by using the names of other more reputable ad blocker extensions.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

But in addition to using misleading names to hijack and defraud other extensions’ user bases, two — “AdBlock” by “AdBlock, Inc” and “uBlock” by “Charlie Lee” — also The cookies were thrown and caught.

Cookie embedding is an old technique where a website or browser extension adds additional information to a user’s cookie file. The technique is often used to steal traffic from legitimate affiliate marketing sources.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Ways To Remove Ads On Google Chrome Using Adblock

The two extensions changed cookies when users visited certain websites and added a setting that prevented extension authors from receiving commissions from payments made by users on the sites.

Both extensions will be activated on sites like,,,, and many others.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

The malicious behavior would start after only 55 hours of installation and would stop if users opened Chrome’s developer tools, said Andrey Meshkov, co-founder and CTO of AdGuard and who discovered the hacking behavior in both extensions.

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Both extensions were based on the code of the original “AdBlock” extension and appear to have been used as a wireframe for malicious code.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Google removed the two extensions this morning and reached out to other news outlets after Meshkov published his research yesterday. Once they are removed, the extensions are also disabled in all users’ browsers, preventing new attacks on Chrome users. The first expansion had over 800,000 installations and the second over 850,000.

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Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Mozilla Solves The Manifest V3 Puzzle To Save Ad Blockers From Chromapocalypse

Google Chrome for Android uses a native ad blocking mechanism to protect you from most ads. However, it is not enabled by default. To enable it, launch Google Chrome. Then, tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner of the browser.

It should be noted that this feature is more of an ad blocker than an ad blocker. You’ll still see ads on web pages, but there won’t be annoying pop-ups or noisy automated video ads.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

We recommend Total AdBlock, which comes free with the purchase of Total AV. It’s not just an ad blocking tool, but an award-winning antivirus solution for your mobile devices and computers.

Best Free Ad Blockers To Remove Ads & Popups For 2023

AdGuard is a unique application that blocks ads everywhere on your mobile device. It blocks ads in your browser, games, apps and websites that you use or visit frequently. The app on the Play Store does not support Google Chrome. You can use it to block ads only on Yandex and Samsung browsers.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

However, there is a solution. Another type of AdGuard application is available on the official website. You can download the APK from here.

Please note that this application cannot be published on the Google Play Store due to policy restrictions. So you have to install directly from APK.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Google Has A Cunning Plan To Break Your Ad Blocker

Tap on the downloaded AdGuard APK file and then install it. If the installation is not allowed from the browser, you will receive a message. In this message, tap on Settings → Access from this source → Back → Install.

To block ads, AdGuard uses a local VPN to filter ads from the Google Chrome browser. It does not use a remote server, but the traffic itself is routed to the local device.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

DNS66 is an excellent ad blocking application that allows you to block hostnames via DNS. It does not require to root your mobile device. The application forwards your connection to a DNS server, where it filters traffic that only allows hosts to be queried, not blacklisted.

How To Add Or Remove A Google Chrome Extension

Download DNS66 on F-Droid, the trusted app directory for free and open source Android apps. You must allow your system to install applications from unknown sources. Go to settings. Select Security.

Add Adblock To Google Chrome

Then go to Hosts tab. By default, the application lists various host file sources with StevenBlack enabled. If you want to block ads

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