404 Page Not Found Message

404 Page Not Found Message – The 404 page of any website – the page that many businesses spend a lot of time working on, hoping that no customer will ever see it.

Because when a customer sees your 404 page, it means something went wrong. Your user typed the wrong address, or visited a site that no longer exists, or someone made a mistake somewhere and there is a link on your site that leads to a dead end.

404 Page Not Found Message

404 Page Not Found Message

Every good UX designer and product manager recognizes that while you focus first on solving the biggest problems the user has, you also need to adapt when they go off script. That’s why the humble 404 page has become such an important part of any website – even when the goal is for the customer to never see it.

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Here, we look at how 20 big companies handle their 404 pages—how they use them to recover from the bad experience of landing on a dead link, and how they take responsibility for failure while redirecting their users to pastures new. greener, often adding a little. of brand development and humor at the same time.

404 Page Not Found Message

Say hi to the dogs! Amazon uses the 404 page to give you a glimpse of their company culture (including the obligatory pictures of cute puppies). Amazon also immediately takes responsibility for the error (even if it’s not their fault) – with a capitalized ‘SORRY’ informing the user that this is not the right page.

An oblique movie reference, a little explanation, and the ability to view a curated list of photos means that even users who have arrived there by accident are likely to stick around a little longer.

404 Page Not Found Message

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Stunning photography and relevant idioms combine as a subtle testament to the power of Adobe’s photo editing suite. Searching and returning to the home page are two standard actions a user can take from that point.

Google makes it easy. Just a picture of a broken bot and a simple almost technical error message. Perhaps a testament to their engineering roots and focus on finding the right answer every time.

404 Page Not Found Message

Not everyone gets it right, and the Awwward 404 page uses big letters and sharp images to tell the visitor that they didn’t get where they expected. Text written in large letters is especially difficult to read, causing the user to take longer to travel than they would otherwise like.

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A fun little game is a great way to entertain lost visitors if you have the time to put it together. It certainly helped him make this list!

404 Page Not Found Message

Dribbble is a website for designers looking for inspiration, so what better way to help a lost visitor than by letting them pick a color and providing links to designs for that color. Another example of a 404 page that deeply understands why their customers are there and then works hard to deliver that content to those customers wherever they go.

Behance, a Dribbble-like site that provides visual inspiration for designers, is a little more sterile by comparison. Like a search engine from the year 2000, they show offending visitors a list of all projects, categories, and showcase some popular design projects in an effort to help them get back on track.

404 Page Not Found Message

Error Pages Serve 2 Purposes: Seo And User Satisfaction

Simplicity often comes with its own strength. Designer News 404 page conveys the message – bonus points because it doesn’t take a month for the developer to implement it.

A plain text page that borders on blaming the user for the error (unlike Adobe who immediately takes responsibility for the error and works to help the user). A headline that, if you didn’t read deeper, could be interpreted as “this page exists, but you can’t access it”. This visitor’s day was made a little less happy by seeing this.

404 Page Not Found Message

The Interaction Design Foundation gives the visitor the option to send an email message saying what they were doing when they got lost and asking what they expected to see instead. There is a noble, if misguided, purpose in this approach – what they should really be doing if they care enough about their 404 visitors is to review the site’s error logs (or use simple site monitoring tools ) and identify common reasons why people fail to reach their intended destination.

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Clearly communicate what just happened, have a cute picture of a monkey, let the user search for another video instead. Smooth and simple operation of the second largest search engine in the world.

404 Page Not Found Message

The simple and relatively fun image of a child is an unusual departure from our sites so far, but it works well when combined with a clear message and links back to their homepage, help pages and trending offers.

The authors of the Etihad 404 text missed the mark, taking 3 lines to communicate what one line would otherwise accomplish, while at the same time giving the user some bad advice (

404 Page Not Found Message

Page For React App. A 404 Page Is Also Called A Not Found…

Really? How many average web users understand exactly how a URL is formatted? Additionally, if you’re on a 404 page, the retry will fail out of the blue).

A big standard 404 page that ticks all the boxes without really offering anything inspiring. Important telescope blur image, good copy and link to user feed and help center.

404 Page Not Found Message

Landing on a 404 page is rarely life or death, so Mailchimp does it right here by taking responsibility for the error while giving visitors options to continue. It ticks all the boxes and helps strengthen their brand.

How To Fix Error 404 Not Found On Your WordPress Site • Best Seo Blog

The 404 error message is loud and clear. The site cleverly gives the user the ability to navigate to known “lost” items.

404 Page Not Found Message

A little emotion can save a bad situation – even if it’s just the face of a virtual plastic toy. Lego does a great job there.

A simple monochromatic 404 offer. A small criticism is the main action button (Back to Home) which is hard to recognize right away.

404 Page Not Found Message

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404 Page Not Found Message

Fluid UI also uses a number of third-party service providers to provide the Fluid UI service: The 404 Not Found error is one of the most common problems you may encounter while browsing. This HTTP status code means that the requested page cannot be found on the website’s server. This may indicate an error with your hosting service or Domain Name System (DNS) configuration settings.

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Encountering this error can leave a negative impression on your website visitors. It can also negatively affect your website’s search engine optimization and ranking (SEO). A dead page prevents search engines from indexing your website correctly.

404 Page Not Found Message

Fortunately, since it’s mostly a client-side problem, website owners can fix the 404 error relatively easily. This article will explain the possible causes of the 404 error and show four effective methods for solving it.

A 404 error is a client-side problem indicating that the requested URL cannot be found on the server. It can happen for several reasons, such as domain not pointing correctly, a broken .htaccess file, or incorrectly configured file permissions.

404 Page Not Found Message

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A 404 not found error means that the browser has connected and sent a request to the web server. However, the latter cannot find the requested resource. As a result, the browser is unable to load the website, displaying a 404 error.

A 404 error can appear on any web browser. The error code may look a little different depending on which one you are using.

404 Page Not Found Message

Mozilla Firefox displays a simple message displaying a 404 Not Found page with a description that says: “The requested resource was not found on this server!”.

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If you encounter a 404 error page in Chrome, the browser displays a descriptive message below the HTTP status code.

404 Page Not Found Message

When a 404 error occurs in Opera, the browser displays a status page description at the top of the page.

Many websites show custom 404 errors not found. Although not strictly necessary, this helps to explain to visitors that the website is working, but they cannot find the page they are looking for.

404 Page Not Found Message

Redirect Error Message ‘404’

Sometimes all you need is a quick fix to fix a 404 not found error. Therefore, we recommend that you try these simple steps before exploring other troubleshooting methods:

If the 404 error continues to appear, your site may have an underlying problem. The next section will explain four methods to fix the error message – checking your DNS settings, updating file permissions, disabling the .htaccess code, and restoring the backup file.

404 Page Not Found Message

If the domain continues to propagate, you may encounter a 404 error page. To resolve this, you will need to wait until the propagation is complete. It usually takes one

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