404 Page Not Found Examples

404 Page Not Found Examples – The 404 page of every website is a page that many companies spend a lot of time on, hoping that no customer will see it.

Because when a customer sees your 404 page, it means something has gone wrong. Your customer has typed in the wrong address or visited a page that no longer exists, or someone somewhere made a mistake and there is a dead-end link to your site.

404 Page Not Found Examples

404 Page Not Found Examples

Any good UX designer and product manager recognizes that while you focus first on solving the biggest issues a user has, you also need to consider when they come out of the script. That’s why the humble 404 page has become such an important part of any website – even when the customer never intends to see it.

How To Create A 404 Page In WordPress

Here, we see how 20 large companies handle their 404 pages – how they use them to restore the bad experience of hitting a dead link, and how they take responsibility for failing to redirect their users to greener pastures, often adding a bit of branding. development and mood at the same time.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Say hello to the dogs! Amazon uses the 404 page to provide some information about the company’s culture (including must-have photos of cute puppies). Amazon also immediately takes responsibility for the error (even if it’s not their fault) – with capital “SORRY” informing the user that this is not the correct page.

An oblique reference to a movie, little explanation, and the ability to browse a curated list of photos means that even users who got there by accident are likely to stick around a little longer.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Error 404 Page Not Found Cartoon Royalty Free Vector Image

A stunning photo and matching language combine as a subtle testament to the power of Adobe’s photo editing suite. Search and return to the home page are the two default actions the user may want to take from this point on.

Google makes this simple. Just an image of a broken robot and a simple quasi-technical error message. Perhaps a testament to their engineering roots and focus on finding the right answer every time.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Not everyone gets it right, and Awwward’s 404 page uses only capital letters and bright images to let the visitor know they didn’t get where they expected. Capitalized text makes it difficult to read, causing the user to take longer on their journey than they would prefer.

Why Your Website Needs A Custom 404 Page

A fun little game is a great way to entertain your lost visitors if you have the time to create one. It definitely helped him make this list!

404 Page Not Found Examples

Dribbble is a site for designers looking for inspiration, so what better way to help a lost visitor than to let them choose a color and provide links to designs in that color. Another example of a 404 page from a website that deeply understands why their customers are there and then works hard to provide those customers with that content wherever they are.

Behance, a Dribbble-like site that provides visual inspiration for designers, is a little more sterile in comparison. Like the search engine of the 00’s, they show wandering visitors a list of all projects, categories and show some popular design projects in an attempt to help them get back on track.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Top Examples Of 404 Error Pages

Simplicity often comes with its own power. The Designer News 404 page gets the message across – bonus points for not taking a developer a month to implement.

A simple copywriting page that borders on blaming the user for the error (unlike Adobe, which immediately takes responsibility for the error and works to help the user). A title that, if you haven’t read further, can be interpreted as “this page exists, but you cannot access it”. This visitor’s day was a little less happy to see this.

404 Page Not Found Examples

The Interaction Design Foundation gives visitors the chance to send an email message telling them what they were doing when they got lost and asking what they expect to see. There’s a noble, if misguided, intent to this approach – what they really should be doing if they care enough about their 404 visitors is reviewing their site’s error logs (or using simple online site spider tools) and identify common reasons why people fail to reach their intended destinations.

Concept Error 404

Clearly communicate what just happened, have a picture of a cute monkey, let the user look for another video. Good and simple job from the second largest search engine in the world.

404 Page Not Found Examples

A simple, relatively fun picture of a child is an unusual departure from our pages so far, but it works well because it combines with a clear message and links to your homepage, help pages, and popular offers.

The Etihad 404 writers missed the note of brevity when using 3 lines to communicate what a line would normally accomplish while giving the user some bad advice (

404 Page Not Found Examples

Error Page Not Found Royalty Free Vector Image

Seriously? How many regular web users correctly understand how a URL is formatted? Also, if you’re on a 404 page, trying again won’t magically make it work all of a sudden).

A terrible standard 404 page that meets all the requirements without really offering anything inspiring. Vaguely appropriate telescope image, decent copy, and links to user feed and help center.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Landing a 404 page is rarely life or death, so Mailchimp does it here, taking responsibility for the error and giving the visitor options to continue. It ticks all the boxes and helps to strengthen your brand.

The Best Ux For 404 Error Page [practices + Examples]

The 404 error message is loud and clear. The page cleverly allows the user to browse popular articles to “get lost”.

404 Page Not Found Examples

A little emotion can save a bad situation – even if it’s just the face of a virtual plastic toy. Lego does a great job here.

Just a simple 404 offer. A small criticism is that the main action button (Return to Home) is difficult to identify right away.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Error 404 Page Not Found Royalty Free Vector Image

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404 Page Not Found Examples

Fluid UI also uses a number of third-party service providers to provide the Fluid UI service: While you might expect 404 page errors to never happen, it is likely that they will. And while the 404 error might not necessarily be your fault, it’s important to manage the user experience for your now frustrated visitor.

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In this post, we’ll look at the best way to optimize your 404 pages for a better user experience, Google Analytics tracking options, and how to avoid as many 404 errors as possible.

404 Page Not Found Examples

It’s easy to find a broken link on your site. I hope it’s not something like this:

The average internet user may not know that a 404 error means the page they are looking for is missing.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Page Examples You Need To See Before Writing Your Own

They might think their entire site is gone and look for a new site. This can result in a loss of readers, subscribers, leads and sales. All because they tried to reach a little missing page.

That’s why having a custom 404 page is essential for any website, be it a blog or a business.

404 Page Not Found Examples

There are many ways to work with your 404 error pages. I like the balance between creative and constructive.

Interesting & Funny Examples Of 404 Pages

Most of the time, this is short enough for your creative team to create something exciting. We’ll see some examples shortly, but first let’s look at tracking errors in Google Analytics.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Having 404 tracking set up correctly on your site means that most, if not all, errors are tracked, giving you plenty of opportunity to deal with them.

First, you need to verify that you are running the Google Tag Manager script on your 404 page. This is quite easy – you can manually check the HTML source of the page or install Tag Assistant (from Google) for Chrome.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Best Creative 404 Pages Examples For Your E Commerce Store

To track your 404 error pages through Tag Manager, you will create a user-defined variable called “Page Title Variable”.

In your Google Tag Manager account, go to Triggers and create a trigger for each time the page title matches what is contained in the title tag of your custom 404 error page.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Our page contains “Page not found”, so we’ll set the trigger to that value. Be careful as this type of match will be case sensitive. If you’re not sure, use “matches RegEx (case insensitive)”.

Things A 404 Page Must Do & Examples

Finally, create a new label – I’ve narrowed it down a bit to try to demonstrate all the settings. Basically, you create an event with a 404 error category name that logs the page path as an action.

404 Page Not Found Examples

Has a custom 404 error page that sends our visitors to our blog or our

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