404 Page Not Found Design

404 Page Not Found Design – A collection of some of the best 404 page examples that go beyond the basic error message by using creative design and copy.

Rather than stick to the standard “page not found” message, savvy web designers use 404 error pages to show off a little brand personality, make us laugh, or even entertain us with a mini video game.

404 Page Not Found Design

404 Page Not Found Design

Carefully designing a page that only shows up when things go wrong may seem pointless, but it’s an opportunity to keep visitors engaged. So before you add a basic “oops, page not found” message, check out some of the more imaginative examples I found.

Page Error 404 Redesign On Behance

These light and fun 404 pages soften the blow of clicking on a broken link by charming lost visitors with a touch of humor.

404 Page Not Found Design

Content manager Thomas Bosc has a carefully designed site with scroll-activated animations, beautiful images, and previous projects that showcase his web design skills. Maybe that’s why landing on this basic page with a childhood photo of a hopeful wizard really made me laugh out loud.

This 404 page also has some surprises. When clicked, young Thomas flies up to reveal the text “404” and a link to the home page.

404 Page Not Found Design

Custom 404 Error Page Design Using Html & Css

Designer Polo Garcia took us from a clean, contemporary site design to a grainy animation of a waterskiing squirrel on page 404 of his.

Even the squirrel will eventually turn to look at the screen as he asks site visitors: what are you doing here? Polo provides humor but keeps the user experience fluid by including a clear “take me back home” button.

404 Page Not Found Design

Designer and product developer Shalom Osahon reminds you not to panic, comparing the 404 page to a fire drill.

Error 404. Page Not Found. Vector Illustration For Web Design Stock Vector Image & Art

The attached gif is a compilation of funny scenes from an episode of The Office, providing a good laugh (and an example of what

404 Page Not Found Design

Mill 3 Studio captures the feeling of landing on a 404 page complete with a lost and confused John Travolta gif.

Simplicity is what makes this 404 error fun: no apologies or explanations, just a guy who feels like you. Fortunately, this error page keeps the top navigation menu and footer so we can easily navigate to other areas of the website.

404 Page Not Found Design

How To Create A Custom 404 Page With Your Own Design?

Who says 404 page design has to be boring? These error pages stand out with many great designs.

Since Textio is an improved writing tool, it’s nice to see them play with the words on their 404 page. Bonus points for working the link back to the home page with some philosophical advice from the unicorn.

404 Page Not Found Design

Dribbble uses its 404 page wisely by pushing us to color-coded layouts instead of sending us straight to the home page.

Illustrations For Figma & Sketch

Dribbble exists to showcase design work, so it’s great to see them embody that mission on their 404 page. From here, we can choose a color we want to use, or use the search box to find a specific design or designer. Both options put the focus on eye-catching design rather than Dribbble as a brand.

404 Page Not Found Design

Instead of “page not found,” DFY’s 404 page pairs “layout not found” with an astronaut drifting slowly.

DFY adds to the drama by telling us not to let go as a timer counts down from 10 seconds before automatically navigating back to the home page.

404 Page Not Found Design

Error Page Design In Tailwind Css

Generic 404 pages can be confusing because they feel like the brand is destroying character, taking us away from the site experience. These 404 page examples show brands expanding their distinctive voice and style in their error messages.

D&D Beyond spoke directly to its Dungeons and Dragons-loving audience with an error message that claimed an entity could have stolen whatever website visitors were looking for and hidden it from another realm.

404 Page Not Found Design

The illustration and accompanying message keep us in the world of D&D. We may have stumbled upon a missing page, but we have clues and tools to overcome this obstacle. In this case, the tools are the parts of the page like the menu and search bar along with the links in the footer.

Page Not Found Images

Spotify gave us an error message that sounded like a playlist, “404s and heartbreaks,” next to the spinning disk.

404 Page Not Found Design

Spotify kept the main navigation bar at the top of the page and included links to helpful resources in the error message. No one wants to end up on a 404 page—unless you’re collecting them for an article, of course—so pointing people to the FAQ is a nice touch. It’s the difference between hitting a roadblock and seeing detour signs: one is a dead end while the other is an alternate route.

If we got a little lost on the OK Micah site, “the good guy” would gently guide us back home.

404 Page Not Found Design

Designing Error Pages That Actually Work

OK Micah keeps his sound and style consistent with witty copy and a sassy guy pointing the finger at us. This landing page also maintains the top navigation bar and footer, wrapping the error page in a familiar frame.

Pantone’s Color of the Year webpage continues the theme of its error page by using Pantone 404 C as the background color.

404 Page Not Found Design

This is a simple error page for a simple website. There are no extra page parts cluttering up the landing page, just a little circular cursor that expands to highlight the “main” button when we mouse over it.

Ultimate Creative 404 Pages For Website Template By Userthemes On Envato Elements

Create completely custom, production-ready websites, or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes, without writing a line of code. With only .

404 Page Not Found Design

While many 404 pages focus on bringing lost visitors back to the home page, these landing pages use an attractive website design to invite you to stay.

Instead of using an urgent call to action (CTA) to get us back home, Kualo challenges us to take revenge on invading pixelated spaces that spell “kualo.” This fully functional game is a fun surprise. We can keep playing until we run out of lives, at which point a “lose!” see the message. But once again, Kualo turned the tables on us, promising a discount on their accommodation for anyone who scores above 1,000.

404 Page Not Found Design

Page 404. Design Of A Meaningful Error.

Nouvelle also offers a throwback to a grainy control console with a fat blinking cursor on its 404 error page.

The control console prompts us to use the “help” command, then offers four additional options. We don’t want to spoil the surprises, so trust us when we say the “trex” command is worth a try. It’s clear that the web designer behind this error page loves memes, Easter eggs, and general nonsense. He’ll try some unscripted commands on the control console and you’ll see what we mean.

404 Page Not Found Design

Before you click, you might want to get ready: Feldman Studio’s 404 error page gives you just 3 seconds to get ready to play.

A White Robot Searching For A 404 Error With A Torch Light. 404 Page Not Found

After the countdown, the page layout comes to life like an old-school game of snakes. The line below the 404 has become a snake hunting time. Every time you eat a point, 404 counts. If you want to see what happens when it hits zero, you just have to eat 404 little dots with no mistakes. Good luck!

404 Page Not Found Design

Anyone who likes to pop bubble wrap will enjoy the MAD 404 page. Instead of bubbles popping up, this error page says 404 with switches we can flip on and off to remove the number or spell out our own message.

It is a simple but pleasant user experience. We may choose to interact with or use the menu at the bottom of the page to navigate to other parts of the website.

404 Page Not Found Design

Error Page Ui Layout

Kffein’s 404 page layout offers internet cat vibes “I can make cheeseburger” with a shower of cats in falling and bouncing bubbles.

The interactive aspect comes after the cat bubbles located at the bottom of the page. From there, we can click and grab the bubbles to launch them. Each time you click, a record of a person mimicking a cat will play, and if you throw a cat off the page, it will eventually fall off.

404 Page Not Found Design

If your website builder is your choice, start your error page design with these cloneable 404 page templates.

Error 404 Page Layout Vector Design. Website 404 Page Creative Concept Stock Vector

The cube moves following our mouse cursor and the big white 404 slowly bounces up and down. This template also includes a basic menu at the bottom with areas for social media accounts and a home page.

404 Page Not Found Design

Benjamin Le Goff’s 404 page template announces that we are lost in space with the message “Wow, the spaceship left without you… The page you requested could not be found.”

Ben included a surprise scroll-activated animation: when we scroll down, the message disappears and the stars rearrange to form a 404 constellation.

404 Page Not Found Design

Page Not Found 404 Error Vector Icon Illustration Design Graphic Royalty Free Svg, Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 83821514

Eloy Be’s minimalist 404-page template has a hanger on the door, like the “do not disturb” signs we see in hotels.

The “404 Not Found” sign shook as if the door it was hanging from had just slammed shut. It is a simple but attractive design with a link that takes us back home. And thanks to the simple design, this 404 template works well on different websites.

404 Page Not Found Design

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Error 404 Page Layout Vector Design Website 404 Page Creative Stock Vector Image By ©rashmisingh #246603746

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